Almost everyone knows the situation that he needs from one moment to the next possible money. Spontaneous car repair can be just as much a reason for that as the ultimate bargain on televisions in the electronics market.

The only question is, how do you quickly make money if it is not on the account?

Immediate money on account – reputable providers with 24 h payout

Immediate money on account - reputable providers with 24 h payout

Instant loans for Germany in comparison. In the table you will find the best providers for fast money without pre-cost from our test.

The dispo – express money lends with high costs

The dispo - express money lends with high costs

The first thought in such a case, of course, is to overdraw the account and take the Dispo. Only, what if the frame is almost exhausted? And then there are the horrendous interest rates. The problem with an MRP is that there is no repayment agreement. Again and again it happens that account holders push the Dispo pretty well, if possible even further expand and slip into the credit spiral really nice. The MRP is considered as the straightforward form of borrowing, but also has the most disadvantages.

Dispo alternative

Cashpresso is a cheap alternative to the traditional dispo.

The mini loan

The mini loan

Much more advantageous than the overdraft is the mini loan . This variant is offered by FinTechs, service providers from the segment “Financial Technologies” in cooperation with banks specializing in online business.

Credit in 24 hours on the account

A mini loan ranges in size between 100 and 600 euros, with a provider up to 3,000 euros. The terms, depending on the scale, are one or two months for smaller loans and six months for larger amounts. Although the interest rate is in the range of disbursement interest, but does not affect so dramatically due to the extremely short term. A loan of € 500, with a term of four weeks and an interest rate of twelve percent a year, costs just € 5. The repayment agreement forces the borrower to return the amount in any case. Usually the repayment and the next salary payment coincide in time, so that sufficient cover should be available.

Mini loan without Schufa

Another plus for mini loans is the elimination of the Schufa request and the waiver of collateral. Suppliers deliberately take this risk, as the sums lent are relatively small, but they want to and can offer their customers the highest level of speed and convenience. Usually, the first loan is maximized to an amount of, for example, $ 300. From the second use, the sum then rises to 600 euros or more.

If the credit inquiry is available by 2 pm, the payment can be made on the following day if desired. However, the providers charge for a small fee. All applications will be made in electronic form to ensure the speed of payment.

The “instant loan”

The "instant loan"

Many banks often advertise their installment loans as instant loans. Unlike a mini loan, the payout is not quite as fast. This variant of an “instant loan” gets its name from the immediate credit decision at the end of the application. At this point, however, a break occurs in most cases. If the bank does not provide the VideoIdent procedure or electronic signature, the borrower must return the final loan application along with statements of account and salary certificate to the bank by mail. In this case, he has to take account of the postal delivery time. If all documents are available, the payment will be made rather quickly.

Some banks now refrain from bank statements, if the applicant allows them one-time access to his checking account for credit check. The instant loan works really fast if the following criteria apply:

  • Credit check by inspection of the current account of the applicant, alternatively
  • Digital transmission of account statements and salary certificate
  • Video identification method
  • Electronic signature

If these conditions are met, nothing stands in the way of immediate settlement and payment.

The framework credit

The framework credit

The credit line represents a middle ground between credit and installment credit. The bank grants its customer a credit line on a subaccount. Thus, the framework loan looks like a Dispo. The same applies to the fact that the borrower pays interest only on the loan amount actually used. If the frame amounts to 3,000 euros, the borrower has only used 2,000 euros, he pays only 2,000 euros interest.

The essential difference to the MRP, however, lies in the repatriation agreement. The bank customer must repay a certain percentage of the amount used each month. Typically, the interest rate on the credit line moves between the interest on a classic installment loan and the interest on an overdraft. As a rule, a salary assignment is usually sufficient.

Exploit credit card credit card

Exploit credit card credit card

Another option for quickly borrowing money is the credit card . The credit card company is not interested in whether the cardholder pays for the card only in the retail sector, or whether he also makes cash bargains. However, cash withdrawals are limited to certain amounts per day and per week.

The repayment of the utilized credit limit (limit, disposition frame ) can either be made on the due date of the invoice in one sum or in partial payments. This depends on the design of the contract with the card company.