Easy consolidation loans

When an individual decides to resort to the purchase of credits, it is because his financial situation is unbalanced, and often weighed down by too many loan maturities. It is, therefore, possible to raise all its loans in a new single loan to repay only one monthly payment. It can be adapted to its resources and therefore, may be revised downward. Another advantage of a consolidation loan operation is that it also allows you to revise the interest rate, so try to consolidate loans via ConsolidationNow ..!! This is all the more interesting now because, in the credit market, borrowing rates have steadily declined. To obtain the best possible rate, the banking intermediaries are in the best position to propose the best offers and to make your purchase of credits a profitable operation.

When a future candidate for the redemption of credits, tenant or owner, decides to take the step, it can be for various reasons. The first is often that his income no longer bears the weight of several credit maturities and that he wants to reduce his repayment burden. The historic decline in interest rates is very attractive and can lead to reflection because it also reduces the amount of the monthly payment. To resort to the redemption of credits is just a good opportunity to renegotiate the interest rate because the costs of the loan are thus reduced. On the other hand, the grouping of loans makes it possible to cope with a fall in income, just as it is optimal for a rebalancing of the household budget.

This desire of the borrower to benefit from the lowest possible rate is therefore entirely feasible, provided that the proper body is contacted. The true professionals in loan buybacks that are intermediaries in banking (IOB) have the opportunity to offer their customers several simultaneous offers, given their wide network of financial partners. They thus have access to multiple offers which include as the main condition, a level of interest rates lower than that of the credits redeemed, which they will be able to benefit to the future borrower. They can, therefore, offer several financing offers with different rates, and it will be up to the borrower to choose the one that best suits his needs and situation.

Bank intermediaries are experts in credit redemption and they are quite capable of finding the best opportunity. However, regarding the rate, it will still be necessary to pay attention to the rate initially contracted. It is obvious that if it is already very low initially, it will be difficult to enjoy a better offer. In general, BIO’s business and expertise allow it to meet the expectations of ambitious borrowers. Be that as it may, calling on a professional is a guarantee of being able to negotiate the interest rate at best and thus to be able to save money. Attention also to this point: a particularly interesting offer may contain hidden defects, whether excessive fees or an insurance borrower overpriced.

Simulate your credit redemption

To find out if you can buy a loan at a low rate, a simulation is a very useful way. For this, simply go to websites that offer free tools and no commitment. These specialized loan aggregation sites provide a first glimpse of the feasibility of the project and what can be achieved. Indeed, these simulators very quickly display the first result with an idea of ​​the interest rate that the borrower could benefit. It will only be necessary to provide some information such as his identity, his family and professional situation, and the amount of the remaining capital due to the credits in progress. Only after a thorough analysis of the application, the credit offer, its conditions and the amount of the monthly payment can be known precisely. The study of the file is always free and it is only at the end of the process when the contract is signed, that there will be fees to be paid. Online simulation is a simple way to visualize what this banking operation can bring to one’s personal situation with the support of quantified results.

The new credit agreement will, therefore, include all remaining capital due, as well as possible tax or family debts, but also a request for additional cash if it has been requested. In general, the repayment period is longer when the credit buyback operation is set up because this action reduces the amount of the monthly payment. The interest rate is an essential element in this type of financing because it is from him that will depend in part on the cost of credit. Other fees such as processing fees related to the operation, or guarantee (mortgage, deposit), a borrower insurance contribution are expected. If new financing is planned, it must of course also include the costs that it implies, especially since the total amount borrowed increases. Be careful to compare the total cost of the credit when receiving the various offers, as well as the nature of the rate (fixed or variable) and all ancillary costs. If the redemption of credits involves real estate mortgaged, the level of the interest rate may also be more advantageous.

Rates of a credit redemption

By definition, the repurchase of credits is a banking operation which makes it possible to subscribe to a single credit with a fixed rate of preference and over a generally longer duration. The goal is also to reduce the amount of the monthly payment, which is readapted to the capacity of repayment of the borrower, that is to say to its resources, but also to its debt ratio and its rest to live. Remember that all types of credits can be included in a loan consolidation, real estate loans, consumer loans, personal loans, revolving loans, and even bank overdrafts. It should be noted that regulated loans and credits with benefits such as the zero-interest loan are not included in such an operation since they already benefit from attractive conditions.

In the context of a loan buyback, interest rates are set in the same way as for conventional credit, whether for real estate or consumption. Owning borrowers have a significant advantage in the eyes of lending institutions because in the event of a sudden problem (job loss, accident, disability, divorce, etc.) they will still be able to sell their property to pay off their credit maturities. They therefore automatically apply better interest rates to them, unlike tenants who have a higher risk profile, and therefore will not have access to the lowest possible rates.

In any case, interest rates vary according to several parameters that are set individually by each financial institution. Their level is, however, mainly related to the risk incurred by the credit-granting agency. The higher the collateral, the lower the interest rate. To get the lowest possible rate, a mortgage on real estate, or sometimes life insurance are real assets, everything will depend on the total capital borrowed. When the borrower does not have a guarantee, he must have a solid record with a stable income to obtain a good rate. Another option is to borrow for a shorter period, which also lowers the interest rate.